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Is your vehicle swerving to the side? Do you frequently struggle to keep the wheels under control?

Your car’s brake & suspension enable balance, stability, and smoothness, which guarantee a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. A crucial factor in preventing your car from straying to one side of the road is steering and suspension, which keep your wheels securely planted on the ground.

Our highly skilled experts at Suntyre Brake & Front End are conversant with all kinds of suspension systems. They may perform an inspection, make a diagnosis, go over the necessary repairs with you, and then fix your suspension system to provide you with improved traction on the road.

Stability, good handling, and ultimately safety are the primary functions of a car’s brake & suspension system. You must be aware of the potential red flags and frequent issues that could arise with these systems.

Suspension warning signs:

Brake Repair Specialists

For disc brakes, the technician will take off the pads and look for signs of excessive wear on the rotor(s). If the rotors are too worn out, they should be replaced or ground to a flat surface before new pads are attached. The procedure is essentially the same when using drum brakes, albeit it could take a little longer.

The goal of the Suntyre Brake & Front End staff is to keep you on the road rather than off of it. Therefore, if operating your car no longer brings you joy, call us right away for brake and car suspension service.