Logbook Servicing 

Roadworthy Inspections Certificate

Logbook Service by Suntyre Brake & Front End: The Best Way to Keep Your Car Warranty

All the major brands are serviced by Suntyre Brake & Front End. You can decide where to have your car serviced if it is still covered by warranty. We can service your car even if it’s brand new without invalidating the guarantee from the manufacturer.

If you want to keep your new car under warranty and ensure maximum protection, logbook servicing is crucial!

We can also offer you high-quality services for an incredibly low price—nearly half of what the primary dealer charges.

While performing maintenance on your car, you can count on us to notify you as soon as we discover anything else that needs particular attention and replacement. 

We will give you accurate information, and it will be up to you to decide whether you want the issue resolved immediately or later.

Whenever necessary, we will also store all of the components for your inspection. After we have finished servicing your car, we will stamp your service book to protect your warranty and give you access to a well-kept, safe vehicle.