LPG Fitting & Tuning and Repair 

LPG Fitting & Tuning Services

Suntyre Brake & Front End: The Ultimate Solution for LPG Gas Issues

Our team at Suntyre Brake & Front End specialises in gas repairs. Bring your car to us if you are facing difficult-to-fix gas issues even if you had it converted somewhere else. We offer the cutting-edge tools and knowledge necessary to identify and fix gas issues including the backfiring and poor economy.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic systems and engine management scanners to diagnose your LPG faults. When your vehicle is on LPG, you will need a service done for the LPG system which is separate from the car service.

According to Suntyre Brake & Front End, regular auto service is insufficient to do a complete safety and component inspection on an LPG gas system. This will guarantee that your car runs as safely and efficiently as possible. Additionally, a licenced LPG mechanic must execute the LPG service; your regular mechanic is unable to do this.

Call us right away if you are looking to get an LPG gas kit installed in your car or if there is a leakage issue, our expert mechanics will solve any issue at affordable pricing